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Poynt plays nicely with your favorite peripherals

Setup your favorite peripherals with Poynt in minutes

The right peripherals can streamline your business operations and improve your bottom line. That’s why Poynt makes integrating with peripherals easy... like it should be.

USB Printers

Poynt integrates with all of the most popular USB printers.

  • Esky POS-5870
  • STAR TSP650
  • STAR TSP100
  • TSP143iiU
  • mPOP
  • POP10-B1

Wireless Printers

Print wirelessly to one of these great wireless printers.


  • STAR TSP100/TSP143Lan
  • EPSON TM-m30


  • STAR SP700
  • EPSON TM-U220B

Cash Drawers

Connect to one of several cash drawer options.

  • STAR SMD2-1317 + USB Trigger
  • STAR Model: 37965560 + USB Trigger
  • M-S Cash Drawer
  • CF-405-M-B + USB Trigger
  • SOLUX - SX-CD-100-RJ + USB Trigger
  • mPOP POP10-B1 - combination cash drawer/printer
  • APG Vasario
  • MMF ValuLine

USB/HID Barcode Scanner

Scan with confidence with a great Poynt-compatible scanner.

  • Inatech BCST-20

Cash Register

Prefer a cash register? We have the right one for you.

  • Sams 4S ER-5200m

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